Experience with telenet IPv6

This text describes my experience with IPv6 at home.
The information here is
     -  either from the Telenet web site (=official)
     -  obtained from information source trustworthy to me, but not Official Telenet (=rumor). The information source is mostly from "The Old Buddy" network (1).
     -  obtained from tests ( =trusted at date of the test)

Since 2013 Telenet announces its residential users may get IPv6 access.

Requirements and status (september 2017,begin 2014).

What do you get

Telenet's firewall at your home

Jean Uuens   20140315

  1. "The Old Buddy Network : do not look for it on e.g Facebook. People knowing and trusting each other (mostly sysadmins); It killed and did analyse the Morris Worm back in 1988.