Using Telenet WiFree


Your Telenet configuration

Before you can use telenets hotspots you need to do two things  (situation 20160201) :

  1. Enable Telenet Homespot
    Om "my telenet" our network extras should look like:
    wifi settings

    When you do not enable the "homespotsignaal op je modem" You do not have Wifree or Homespot access.
    But there is a button "wijzig" which redirects you to another page.
    If you succeed in enabling "homespotsignaal op je modem" you will get an email telling you to wait 24 hours.
    Thereafter you can Use "TelenetHomespot" with access control trough a Browser login.
    To use "TelenetWiFree" you need to enable EAP. (next step)

  2. Switch on EAP for your telenet accounts. (see "Mijn aanmeldgegevens").
    When I did this for one of my account both both accounts got EAP ?

Changing passwords

When you change your paswoord on telenet's web site, it is immediately changed for logins to the website (probably for mail to (not tested)).
But when trying to access WiFree by iphone it did not work (could be a iphone related problem.)

On your mobile devices

There is a web page Alles wat je moet weten over EAP
It does help you for mobile devices and some laptops.
But it does not explain how Telenet uses EAP or how to handle Unix/linux

More Protocol and certficate information.

See Post-it: PROXIMUS_AUTO_FON and TelenetWifree (Belgium) from GNU/Linux (or Windows 7)

for more information about used protocols and certificates.
The important thing to know is that Telenet Wifree uses certificates signed by GlobalSign Root CA.

Linux Computers

On a freshly installed Ubuntu LTS 14.04

  1.  Select the network icon  (network-manager) and select the "TelenetWiFree" network"
  2. Network manager detects a lot of the configuration, but you have to choose "LEAP" and enter one of your telenet logins and optionally its password.
  3. When you connect to the TelenetWiFree network you get a warning:

    ignore warning Cert

    If you want to connect just Ignore the warning

  4. After reading the Postit above it was clear that the correct Certificate was the globalsign root Certificate.
    One can select it by editing the Telenetwifree connection:

    select GlobalSign Root certificate

  5. Now your connection is working and you can check its properties:

    wifi properties

    For me the amazing line is about security. Network-manager did suggest WPA TLS and with LEAP it did figure out the rest,
    Except for a Certificate Authority. This is probably caused by EAP-TTLS and/or MCCHAPV2

  6. For your information the output you get when editing the connection, first WiFi attributes

    first step edit wifi

  7. And the  Wi-Fi security attrributes

    wifi secrurity

MacOs Computers

Tested with macbook running MacOs Yosemite.

  1. Select the TelenetWiFree network:

    select TelenetWiFree

  2. Enter one of your EAP enabled Telenet accounts:

    enter account and password
  3. Now you get a warning that you are changing
    warning about changing trust
    Of course  you want to see the certificate, click "show certificate"

    more information about certificate

    There is a certificate for valid until 21 february 2016.
    Just curious what will happen then ?
    Well, on may 24 I saw two experied cerificates in the keychain. After deleting booth of them I could login again. But the login problem could be related to the new password I did set.

  4. Then macos warns about the trust change, enter your macos password :
    about to change trust
  5. After  clicking "update settings" the TelenetWifree is operational. And Macos will remember its settings.

  6. Some information can be found with Settings:

    network 1
    network 2

Apple IOS (iphone)

I have problems connecting an iphone to TelenetWiFree.
I allways get a login and /or password failure. (That login/password combination works for MacOS).
Not sure what the problem is, perhaps because the phone uses a Proximus phone number ?

To force the iphone to require a new login and password, you must force it to forget TelenetWifree network.